Next to that same shelf

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Emotions, Love, Memories, Randoms

Bored and feeling quite random, I wandered through these food shelves at the grocery store. I dragged myself through, and the cart, with each step I took forward. Looking here and there, I grabbed whatever my eyes laid on, and slammed it into that cart. Now what? I kept strolling…

Next to one of these shelves was the flashback. I suddenly remembered one of these good, no awesome memories! I remembered every single thing that happened like a month ago or something. Paused there for a moment, smiled to how superficially sweet it was, then kept walking through. Couldn’t get it out of my mind since then. I kept wondering, where have you been since then? That was when I literally grasped the fact that, damn it, I miss you!! (That’s if I hadn’t already realized that since so long) What I actually realized that since then, I had missed you without knowing. Whatever, it’s getting complicated now.

 That just added a sense of reminiscing. I wonder where are you at the moment. You just vanished all of a sudden, with no goodbye 😦 . I know you’ll be back, but when? Anyway, time flew and by then I was done gorcery shopping. I was lucky there weren’t long queues to stand in. Soon I was done, and headed back home. Still missing you…


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