You deserve more than a thankyou

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Emotions, hope, Randoms

You’re smart I should say. Very sharp, quick, and determined. You made the right moves at their right times without even knowing that. I salute you. You managed to change many opinions of mine. You got me agreeing when I had refused giving it a shot ages ago. For me, it was all cut and dried! But, guess what? There’s a turning back. You made that turning back possible, and therefore I owe you a sincere thank you. You worked so hard for that, wanted it so badly, and I think you just got it!

I woke up before I was to miss out on a lot more. Just about time. It’s more like a starting over. Hope it’s the right one… There was more to it from the early begining and I’m starting to realize it’s beauty now. I thank God who made me stumble upon you some day, thank Him so much,  and thank you next for making me stumble upon so many things that I’ve only came across with you.

What you did was so simple, so true and real that made it so valuable to me. To both of us. Feels so good, doesn’t it? Yes you deserve it. And for everything you’ve done, a “Thank You” isn’t even quite enough. 🙂


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