Party Time!

Posted: August 10, 2009 in happiness, Randoms

I was asleep. Everyone at home was, when I got that call from a friend to notify me with the results. Huh? What? Who… ME?? You serious?? It took me a bit to relate to what was going on. It was too good to be true! Thank God! I was ecstatic, woke up everybody and kept buzzing from one room to the other screaming, laughing and literally going crazy! Now what? Do you expect me to go back to bed? Yeah right! That just made my day. I’m just starting to grasp the fact 😀  Thank God!!

What’s amazing is that pretty much everyone did great! This just makes it the best time to party…Congrats! Let’s now blow the balloons xD (Or just get someone else to do that for you and you go ahead, party like an animal! )

  1. Raghda says:

    Congrats Rana……It’s gr8, isnt it?? Thank God…the results were AWESOME…Believe it or not…i started shouting ND LAUGHING and screAming like u as if i were insane and then i forgot how 2 talk.. i started stuttering….FREAKY…. THEN PARTY TIME 😀

  2. Rana says:

    I knoooow, It was hectic !! haha

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