Now THAT I can’t get rid of it

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Randoms

Some tiny stuff are just so valuable that you can’t  replace them with new ones, and even if you do, you can’t just get rid of them! That Sony Ericson of mine (a W850i) yes was broken, had it’s colours peel off a little and had a frequent buzz during all calls because of the several times I’d dropped it, but I just can’t throw it away so simply. It’s probably what it had inside that matters. It holds a bunch of messages that I’ve only enjoyed reading on it. I used to go through them everytime I felt sleepless untill I got them stuck in my head! I know I do sound crazy and silly 😀

Anyway, It’s now time to rest it in peace in that bed table’s drawer. It’s still reacheable you know.  I’ll miss it’s sexy black outline haha


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