You just don’t know!

Posted: August 23, 2009 in Emotions, hope, Love, Randoms

Let’s get this straight,…

Okay, I couldnt find a better way to put it

It’s not up to me anymore now it’s… 

Grrrrr! Have you ever felt that way? Like you’re loaded with too much to say that you end up not being able to spit it out so simply and directly?? Well, right now I am a loaded gun, ready to shoot but constantly missing it’s target! Could it be more confusing??

“Discombobulated” is the least I could say to describe this. ( I so love this word btw! I guess u noticed, I’ve used it in 2 posts, twice in a row!) Anyway, let’s not get carried away… back to my discombobulation


I can’t find a reason to explain this. Or maybe there is but I’m just too confused to come across it. Maybe YOU are the reason I lack! It’s all in my head?? If it is, why don’t you just tell me and spare the two of us all this mess?? Wait… maybe you already did but I’m just too dumb to understand!

See, I’m not the desperate type, and I never will be. But between despair and the normal eagerness is a tiny border which I don’t think I know on which of it’s sides I stand. I have probably been a bit clingy in the past few days, or maybe not. I just can’t tell! Doesn’t seem like one of my best days, does it?

I know this might be overrated. I dont know if you’ll ever get to read this, but if you do (which I doubt 🙂 ) excuse me for such over-reaction. I’m crazy, can’t help it. And when it comes to THIS you probably have an idea of how Wackyyyyyy I could get!

I miss you in every possible way, and that’s pretty much why. I need you to reassure me! I don’t wanna make a fool of myself in any form. You know how much I value respect and dignity. I guess I should stop blabbing too much and eliminate any further embarassment, right? I think I’m not making any sense right now. It’s not up to me anymore, I’ve given it a shot, loads actually but it’s now my time to chillax, wait expecting anything and enjoy the remaining bit of my summer. Atleast I’ll try. 🙂 I’ll take a step backwards and give you all the space you might need. Speechless I’ll be for the next matter of time.

As for now, I’ll leave you with this: Some picture I’ve taken from awesome moey’s facebook profile. Excuse me Moey for that 😀


How beautifully innocent !


You now have this tiny red fleshy thing of mine so called “heart”! Don’t break it… It’s too fragile to bear that. It’s not so easy to win my trust, nor my heart, but you did… You owned the two of them for some reason which I don’t really know! Make sure you keep them safe, secure and peaceful as they should… for yours are now as safe as safe could be, even more…


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