Not in the mood?

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Randoms

7 15 a.m. Bedtime?? Naah I’m not that sleepy yet. It’s just so weird when it comes to moods! Sometimes you’re just too excited to sleep. You’d want these few hours to fly so that it’s already tomorrow and yupieee you’re awake again! Sometimes however you’d be so down in the dumps that all you’d want to do is to sleep, hoping it lasts forever for sometimes dreams are far more satisfying than reality, that’s if you even dream. It’s all about emotions and moods! And it gets quite funny when moods change so quickly. Turns out to be nothing but the best emotional rollercoaster ride ever, haha.

Rightnow I’m slepless. I’ve got nothing in mind that I need to get done really. (not that there’s anything I could think of either) I think I’ll get to figure out something worth keeping me awake. As for now, I consider sleeping a waste of time xD!


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