ByeBye August (In his absence)

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Days and dates, Emotions, Love, Randoms

August is gone. To be honest, I didnt like it. Yeah good stuff happened but crappy ones had a hand in ruining it. The crappiest of them all is obviously your absence.

At first, you not being there filled me with sorrow and grief which  subsided a while later to be replaced with hope. Yes, hope that kept me waiting for you. But even that hope is now slowly fading upon your absence. All the pain is gone… Gone with this August’s farewell.  Now, I’m adapting to these new circumstances and whatever circumstance that might follow. So far I’m okay with anything. I’m glad. Really.

Nothing is over. But your “Away” is taking you a bit long.I love you. You know I’ve always did and will always do. Untill you’re back and untill you manage to fill the void you left, I’ll get back to the life I knew, my life.Too bad there’s no way to get you out of my mind till then. If there were any, I would’ve done it long ago. But trust me, nothing would do. You’re just stuck in there! Happy now??

2 way


England 2007. That was when I took this pic. I just love looking at it… Takes me far away, so far! 

There’s always a minimum of two ways to get anything done, two sides for everything, and it’s up to you which way to go for and which side to take into account. As for me, I’ll stick to what I usually tell people and look at the very farfetched bright side…



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