Out of nowhere!

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Emotions, Love, Randoms

It happened so quickly, so unexpectedly!  It was more like a message that was sent to me on the spur of the moment to clear a few of my doubts, if not all. Things were so interlinked. Someone disappeard when at the same time the other one popped online to talk to me. Weird, really weird!

Before then, I was disappointed. And in such cases, I grab my guitar, run into my room where it gets painfully loud, and leave only when I’m too deaf to hear anything, and too tierd to do anything but cry myself to sleep like a 2 yr old baby!

I was too confused to talk, too shocked to type anything yet too happy! All what I’ve waited for was for a moment right here, right infront of me!! And like always, he went quiet for a while then vanished. Offline he was, leaving me gazing with amazement, and telling myself: “Did that just happen??”

This same incident happened about 2 months ago. And I was in a similar state, all wrecked and messed up lol. That just leaves me with saying nothing but that I love God for everything he puts me through! And these tiny little things are just so … woah! Another message from heaven.


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