Since when do roosters pop out at windows?

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Randoms


I woke up this morning on a weird sound. Pegions? Naah, I know how that sounds. I looked at the window. Curtains were closed like always, but there was this shadow of what seemed like an enlarged pegion. A rooster?? But do roosters even fly?? I was too sleepy to be bothered. Turned aside and tried to get back to sleep though that sound continued.

 A while later, I woke up on my brother shouting: “IT’S A ROOSTER!”. Man! I wasn’t halucinating then! haha It IS a rooster!! Big and white!!  My brother was pretty annoyed. He says it didn’t let him sleep. It wouldn’t go away even with him throwing pillows at the window. Personally, I liked it. How many times do you get to wake up and find a rooster at your window? lol

Dad got a red teddy bear at the window and was teasing it, but no use. I didnt really want it to go. It looked cute! I think we freaked it out! It looked at us with a weird look of humiliation and then flew away to the next window! haha, I’m not quite sure wheather that was it attempting to fly or only jumping, but all I know is that it went away. I could still see it, and untill now, I can see it sitting quietly overthere. lol Poor Rooster, we scared the hell out of it ! 😛


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