Posted: September 15, 2009 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, Love, Randoms

She’s happy. She’s smiling. Lot’s of happy faces she puts on. She’s okay. Well, let me tell you she’s not as happy as she shows. Take a deeper look. A sincere one. Just look into her eyes, into her soul, read into her! Can’t you do that? Did you even ever try?? She’s always there. All sweet and innocent as she is, all happy with anything as you’ve always known her, you know it. What about you? Haven’t you noticed it’s taking you a bit too long? Not yet. Why should you even be bothered? She will be there.

She’s never asked you for anything. Nothing. All she needed was you. The YOU she knew. She expected you know it. Yes, without the need to put it into words. Atleast she thought so. Yet all she’s been exposed to lately was disappointment. One after the other. Never realized that? Never noticed? Like always…

She isn’t shallow. Nor naive. She’s just so kind that made her look as thou she was. You know that very well. That was what made you fall for her in the first place. Maybe you’re just too indulgent to realize how painful waiting was, how even more painful waiting followed by direct disappointment were. She gave you all the chances you might need, even more. She was waiting for you to make it up for her, but did you even have that on mind? Nah you were too busy. Wasn’t that your last excuse??

Things were going just fine. Perfect actually. But you are turning more into a mystery to her, a really weird one! I don’t want to illustrate you as such a mean horrible figure, she’d never want to,  but She loves you more than you can ever imagine! And this is painful…

And untill this day, she still believed in you. She knew you were worth it. But you? Were you? I think you broke her heart. She’s had enough, really! If you didn’t mean it, why did you say it in the first place, why did you try so hard? Why did you get her to go for it? She’s so confused, can’t you see? You left her no propper “reasonable” explanation. What do you expect then?  

Wake up. She’s slowly disappearing from your life. Can’t you tell? And she will keep doing so until you get back to reality. But when you do, wouldn’t she be gone already? Don’t let your ignorance make you lose her. Don’t let it bring you back into the reality with a no “her”. The reality you didn’t like. Put her back in!

She has already made her mind. She’ll quit your life. She’ll walk away and you can’t blame her. She’s got every right to. If she dies, don’t sit by her grave and cry. She wouldn’t want to see you in such mess. Plus, she needed you by her side during her living, when she really needed the balance, security and stability it brought her. It’s typical human nature.we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives and  we never know what we’ve got until we lose it. Only then we start to understand, maybe  whine and even remorse.

To her, you were a priority. Don’t let her be one of you too many choices. And beware, She’s way stronger than you could ever imagine. Regret was never an option. She could get this same heart of hers all wrapped and sealed once more. She’ll move on, even if she didn’t want to…


  1. sara k. says:

    Habibti rana…

  2. Rana says:

    Aww 🙂 ily ❤ !

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