Vampires?? Freaky and hilarious !

Posted: September 20, 2009 in evaluation, Randoms, Reviews, Weirdness

Apparently the Twilight obsession is taking over people’s brains and making them believe in vampires!! My awesomely awesome friend Bayan brought up this link on Yahoo Answers and I really don’t know what to say upon reading this. Shocked? Yeah, pretty much. Just check this out (and expect yourself to ROTFL!) :

Resolved Question :

Do vampires really exist?

I’ve been researching on vampires and still don’t know whether or not they exist. Has anyone ever really seen one? Just to let you know, i haven’t been drinking…just really want to know. Any information would be very mush appreciated.
Best Answer: ( what’s in italics between brackets is my comment)
Vampires are real on many different levels.

When you talk about vampires, most people think of blood suckers. There most certainly are blood vampires.

I’ve only ever drank my own blood; sucking on a wound, or laying on my back with a bloody nose.  Nose blood; not the greatest, but I wasn’t totally grossed out. Wound blood; not so bad. So even as a complete non-vampire, I can’t claim that I regard human blood as a completely disgusting thing to drink.
( Reaaaaaally! Now does that make us all vampires?? Come on who hasn’t sucked on a wound! )

 As for the vampires I’ve met, drinking blood is an amazing and wonderful thing. (Is he on Draculla Land or something? And do you do toasts while having your supposedly awesome bloody glasses? ) It’s all about that life force energy, and blood carries that energy. Many say that just reaching out and draining someone of their energy is the greatest high, but drinking blood adds a thrill of sensuality. ( SENSUALITY????? )  Feeling as it enters their mouth, still warm. Swallowing, physically taking the life-force inside of them. Tasting someone from the inside. They talk about it as a real thrill. Amazingly sensual. ( Personal Advice : Stop watching too much horror thrillers!!)
Also, AB negative blood is supposedly the tastiest. ( Damn! I’m not an AB. Too bad! ) It’s a little sweeter than most blood. ( Seems like you’ve been doing that for so long buddy) They say that an AB negative diabetic is like a candy apple.
There are communities of blood vampires throughout America, but they are very private, and they look just like everyone else. (Here you go again into Twilight ! ) Not all vampires are goth. There could be a vampire living next door, and you’d never know. ( And how do YOU know 🙂 ? )
Many people drain those around them of life force energy, but there are some who can do it purposefully. They have the ability to reach out and drain a person’s energy, and some are better at it then others. Some can contact you from far away in the vision realm after having looked you in the eyes and made a karmic connection, and take your energy. ( And is that what they call love from the first sight .. *sigh* ) But the best is when they can just reach out and take it, draining a person until they fall on the floor. They say it’s far better than caffeine. These are the energy vampires.

One time I was doing energy work and had a sign up which said, “Energy”. Several energy vampires came to the booth thinking that it was like a bar for vampires to get energy.  They might have gotten some energy from it, but mostly I learned a lot about how vampire energy works. What most struck me was that all the chakras were open except for the base chakra which was completely blocked. One wore shoes with extremely thick rubber soles to help block the grounding energy. They didn’t draw energy from the earth, and grounding limits the excursions into the vision realm. (Too much Physics in there, not my thing … AKA Didn’t get it ! )

I have a good friend who can willfully drain energies. She’s the only energy vampire I know who only uses her power for good. ( Awww) She takes people’s headaches. She also has an amazing ability to sense energies, making her one of the most powerful witches I know (I know a lot of witches who claim to be powerful, but very few who actually are). I have known her for many years. ( THE SIXTH SENSE !! )

One time it was the dead of winter, she was sitting next to a window, and she felt someone looking at her. She looked and there was someone dressed in black with no color in their body sitting across the road, intently looking at her. She looked down for no more than five seconds, looked up again, and he was sitting on her side of the road, still intently looking at her. He was not dressed for the cold, but was not shivering at all. She looked down again, and looked up and he was sitting 10 feet from the window. Just intense calm looking at her. She immediately closed the blinds realizing that she had just had an encounter with a real vampire, although she recognized him as a kindred spirit. Had she left the blinds open, there is no telling what could have happened to her. ( Okay? You need to quit horror thrillers like I said before, Capito? )

It probably wasn’t a vampire like Dracula or what we see from Hollywood, but it was definitely something from outside of our mundane existence. ( See, That proves my point! Take my advice 🙂 ! ) So there might be another kind of vampire out there also. The vampires of myth and legend might be roaming the earth after all. My personal theory is that they would be magickal beings, like faeries only far darker, and far more dangerous. ( … And they lived happily ever after! Dude I salute you for your very vivid imagination!!)


I walk freely in the fringes, and have seen many things which few ever see, and fewer talk about. There is quite a bit in this world beyond the acceptance of mundane society. ( Mundane society… Hmm. I personaly think what you wrote up there is what’s beyond acceptance lol)
Well have you ever heard of  “Porphyria” ??
In brief, It’s a disease when people think there are vampires. (again thanks to Bayan for searching into this)
For details check wikipedia/Porphyria 
OMG! This is like the most disturbing thing I’ve ever came across! Disturbing yet hilarious and silly haha !! Please God have mercy 🙂

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