Off to where the Pharohs are

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Randoms

In Egypt I will be for tomorrow  and the next few days to come. Another sudden family decision! Who cares, I manage to enjoy anything and everything. Plus I love travelling so I’ll be okay I suppose. I’m done packing… I guess. I know I’ll be missing my awesome brother way too much even more than I already do at the moment. (Yup he travelled a couple of days ago).

PS: Bro, I love you!

Regarding my emotional status, there’s no update. Everything has been so annoyingly the same. Ironic!! I am, however, expecting something. Something which I’ll be keeping to myself for the time being. I’m hoping for the best, like always 🙂

This week has been such a wreck. A beautiful wreck. What’s awesome is that school is postponed to October 10th ! exactly 5 days before my November course exam. That’s good. I won’t be missing my Day 1 as an 11th grader with my mates because of this sudden trip to Egypt.

That’s all for now, I should get back to packing. There’s quite plenty of time left…I hope lol

Cheeeeers all 🙂


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