Because Maths could do more than that…

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Music, Randoms, Studies

If I were a substitute of ‘x’ then my ambition would be ‘x’ raised to the power of infinity, and my potential would be derived from the indifinite integral of ‘x‘ exponent infinity i.e. no limits.  Given that ‘x’ could vary, there’s an equally likely chances of positive and negative values. I am however, a straight line of a positive gradient. That’s why I’m called: Ms Glass half-full 🙂  

My life is an unidentified, irregular polygon. One which could be demonstrated in any of the previosuly known dimentions. 3D, 4D? Possible…

Taking into concideration the general quadratic equation: y=ax^2 + bx + c I can verify that, a is my strength, b is my passion and c is what’s on my mind, all together gives us a y value, or I should say, an R value !  Yes, I’m a curve with no inverse: I manage a life with no regrets. Yet, I’m a one – to – one function. For every value of x, there’s a definite, genuine value of y. AKA Never underestimate a female like me, always expect something in return. My Proof through Newtons law – For every action of yours, good or bad, there’s an equal, opposite reaction in return. Keep that in mind 😛

Phew, and I thought I suck in Maths!! I think that by now you take me as a freak, right? lol Well, I just got over with my first AS Exam, that’s why. You know, still under the impact.

Anyway, here’s a pretty relevant video I came across on our one and only YouTube. Guess that’s the way I’ll be teaching my kids in the future 😀


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