Storyline 1 : Memory Rush

Posted: November 2, 2009 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, health, hope, immagination, Love, Memories, Randoms, Spirituality, Story, Weirdness

Quiet and peaceful, she decently lied on one of these too many beds. Restrained she was as this weakness overcame her. Her eyes were the only thing she was capable of moving. Exhaustion had slowly overtaken her fragile body. It wasn’t too long until she was awake and with this sudden rush of blood she felt, her eyelids split wide open. She scanned the clinical surrounding. It laked everything but coldness. Alone, she realized she was. Her diminishing powers couldn’t keep her up for so long. Her eyelashes mingled as these shivering eyelids of hers slowly closed again.

Silence was a perfect opportunity to grasp. For once in a lifetime it was now all about her. Sleeping wasn’t an option overhere for her mind was never still and before she had to bid this world farewell, she had to clear it, to  format it into what she wanted it to be – peaceful. She knew she wasn’t staying for long. This illness shall consume her fading energies, if it hasn’t already. She was pretty aware of that. Like always, joy was her one and only reaction.  You could see that perfect smile she always wore still penetrate those dry lips of hers. She didn’t like this world anyway. It was always too compicated for her innocent brain to comprehend. Why shouldn’t she be happy and the wish she’d longed for was to be granted. Escaping this world, she knew she was heading to a way better place.

The intimidating box of memories was to be unlocked. It was just about time she accompanies them for one more time along her trip to nowhere. The flash back started. She recalled every single detail she’s been through, all the moments of happiness and all those of sadness. She had her fair share of ups and downs. Friends were the extended family she never had. She knew not all of them were well worth such friendship, but she didn’t really care. It’s their loss anyway. A genuine prospective of optimism, simplicity, pride and content lead her throughout. A little made her happy. She relived the principles people gave up on to “cope” with the present. Piety, however, offered her a constant doubt of wheather or not these deeds of her were good enough. Were they?

A short pause followed as she had to focus her energies on letting this cold bulk of air rush down her tiny lungs. It felt so good. Along that pause came similar quietness which was latter interrupted by memories of you. The one and only person she trusted more than anything after her beloved mummy. Sweet memories of them remained swinging in her over-loaded brain. They illustrated beauty to her, the innocence she’d always craved for, even the sad ones. She thought she’d finally found prefection with the two of them together and everytime she called his name out loud. It wouldn’d just go. It was simply stuck there, churning her mind with every bit she remembers.

Along that love, came pain – the typical companion. She wasn’t bothered though. The beauty and perfection that brought her simply overcame all negativeness. She went for her instincts, stuck with her heart and senses and followed their guidance. Although ruining her last moments with the sadenning events wasn’t a priority at all, she couldn’t help not liking him not being around. She needed him now more than ever! She hoped he hasn’t forgotten the words they wispered each other: ” even in death our love goes on…” . Content made her feel good about it anyway, she didn’t want him to suffer her absence, just like she did, but this time hers shall be eternal. “He’s better off this way, save him the hurt!” she told herself.

Resting her heavy head aside, that same smile of hers stretched even more  wrinkling the egdes of her pale face and lining her soft cheeks. A feeling of absolute tirdness imposed itself to force her into a deepest sleep ever. Silence aroused.

To Be Continued…

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