What a shame, Algeria!

Posted: November 20, 2009 in communication, Days and dates, evaluation, health, Randoms, Reviews, Sport

Yes you won, but that doesn’t give you any right to hurt, abuse, and offend Egyptians what-so-ever! Egyptian fans and celebrities  in Sudan are being badly tormented, wounded and injured by the hectic Algerian fanatics. Egptian residents in Algeria are now hostages? What for? A football match that you turned into war?? It was more like an American football match. Violent and agressive! You won, what more do you want??

Seriously, you made your so called victory meaningless with the blatently brutal violence that followed. So that’s how you define “sportsmanship”? Mission accomplished, you revealed the monster in you. This is not to generalize, I hate the whole generalizing aspect, but what is taking place at the moment is absolutely ironic and saddening!

You simply lost it. This proofs nothing but your frustration. Regarding what, is for you to explain. Let your anger take over you, it’s only bringing you down, surrounding you with shame and humiliation. Our dignity shall make us rise. We lost a match, yet reserved our respect! This made us only stronger and much more proud!

What a shame, Algeria. Attitude crisis!


We need half a million requests to FIFA to disqualify Algeria and revoke their membership. Please, this won’t take 5 minutes from your time, even less.

Head to the official FIFA website, contact form.

Feedback on National Teams’ Fixtures and Results

Text your name and email.

Subject : Egypt VS Algeria

Paste this URL at the bottom:

And paste this into the message body:

In the name of Fair Play, in the name of Human Rights, in the name of Justice…
What the Algerian supporters did in Sudan was against all of this, unethical, and inhuman.

Before the match: They stormed the field and destroyed the bus which had the Egyptian National Team. They also sent death threats to the players and Egyptian masses.
After the match: They stopped apprehended the
Egyptian buses that were heading to the airport and attacked Egyptian civilians causing severe damages to the buses and permenant injuries to a lot of people, to the point that some were forced to leave the buses and run for their lives, and take shelter in local homes. This was by no means fair play nor was it a fair game at all.

We demand an investigation by the FIFA in what happened on that day. We don’t want a recalculation of the match scores or anything, we just need action to be taken against the Algerian team by the FIFA, and at least its disqualification from the World Cup and revoking their membership.

Thank you.



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