For the sake of the “Past”

Posted: November 24, 2009 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, immagination, Love, Memories, Music, Randoms, Weirdness

Quitness luming.Lights on,  laptop restarted and music is on. My favourite. Now towards that arm chair, I jump onto it, stretch, enjoy the warmth, and give myself one last opportunity for one last evaluation.

With my head laid back, body completely in rest, I allow my brain power to take over into what I had been lately avoiding, over-thinking.

I close my eyes tightly, giving the lights no chance to penetrate these lids. Seems like this mental engine is already on…

Thoughts flooding…

” I wish I hadn’t wished you were more mature. I liked the crazy you. The crazy you in his mature looks.”

“… Earth doesn’t stop rotating. It goes on and on, spinning around, and so does life. Nothing remains the way it is, does it? We simply move on. Just like life.”

“Goodbye? Who are we kidding. It’s never gonna happen! I’ve tried it before, we both did, and neither attempt worked. So, maybe that’s just the way it should be, right?”

“I can bare that. I want it.”

Music goes quiet. Clock’s ticking becomes so loud and the more it ticks the more the thoughts this weird analysis showers on me… 

“We were bestfriends…”

With this thought lingering in the air, and before any further mind-interruptions, I quickly get up, head off to my chest of drawers, and pull that old diary of mine. Flipping through its pages, it seemed I was flipping through memories. Ones which I doubt I’m ever going to forget. It’s just stuck in there! For all eternity.

That was where my past and present crashed. It’s when I realized they’re both one. Past repeats itself, and future is nothing but an awaited continuation! What I read that day, made me happy. Ecstatic actually. Very thankful it happened.

That craving for the past made me fetch my old, very old,  Sony Ericson (a W850i). Remember when I talked earlier that I can never get rid of that ? That’s why 🙂

Now THAT I can’t get rid of it

Yes, that’s why. I’m not stuck in yesterday. Yesterday is over, I know that very well. But what I’ve realized that day was that, yesterday can never be forgotten.  It’s what made today happen! 

And just these memories of you guys make my past, present, and future so magically beautiful…


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