Another goodbye??

Posted: November 30, 2009 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Love, Memories, Randoms, Travel, Weirdness

I’m off to where he is now. To where he’s always loved to be, and longed to live. I’m not excited like last time. I know coincidence offers us very little possibilities to meet and I expect this to be the case this time. Disappointment. But wait, I’ve already anticipated that, I saw it coming, so if it happens, I wouldn’t call it disappointment really.

I’m probably writing this because only the fact of being where he is, in the same country, if not the same city, makes me feel relieved to a tiny extend.  A weird feeling if relief acompanied with melanchonly hovers. It’s been a wreck I suppose, haha. It’s starting to actually become of a pointless issue to me. Didn’t turn out to be what I expected.

So off I go. This time I won’t be looking for his face between the thousands of faces all around me. I’d be too busy anyway.  I was packing a few hours ago when I suddenly spotted the tiny sovenier I’d got him long ago. He never got to have it for we never met. I’ve taken it on my last trip for I still believed in coincidence back then. This time I won’t. I’m leaving it right where it is.  Let me tell you one thing however, I can never afford losing you 🙂

I’m done packing I guess. I’ve got my travel essentials: ipod, “diary”, the book I’m stuck reading, chewing gum… What else have I missed?

Some really close person, really really close, offered me an advice, part of it said: ” If he wanted it, he would’ve done it. And if he wants something he’ll do it ! “

My personal opinion, I’m nobody’s toy and I refuse to be one!

Well, guess I now have to get back to collecting my messy belongings lol In a few hours, I’ll be saying my goodbye to this place to start my adventure! haha Like always, looking at the bright side!! 🙂


  1. Yash says:

    kefaya 2ta3ty 2alby 😛 haha
    no seriously..amazing piece of writing though it seems kinda painful 😛

  2. Rana says:

    Loooool !! 5alas from now on, no more painful pieces (hopefully) xD

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