Go away 2009, Further away!

Posted: December 24, 2009 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Memories, Randoms, Reviews, Spirituality

It’s only a matter of a few days, just a few more to go and then we could unleach our hope for a better 2010. I personally hated 2009. I started it off with my aweful knee injury, which was absolutely horrible! Nothing of what we’ve planned for was actually done, nothing of what we wished for came true, and nothing of what we loved and craved for lasted for long.  Needless to mention all the emotional and mental stress I, and almost everyone I know, had to go through from break ups to endless problems and irritation on the personal level and golbal pandemics, to worldwide crisises! Phew, can’t wait to bid 2009 farewell! lol

I know that what didn’t happen was never meant to be, I’m totally satisfied with my personal status and very thanful to what I am, and what I’ve been through. I’ve gained the experience which made me even more powerful than what I was. And what kept me kicking (apart from faith) was my very awesome “Bright Side” phenomena! haha Everytime I tell my brother, ” look at the bright side man! It’s gonna be alright”  it ticks him off ! As for me, that’s good enough.

This December, however,  was pretty awesome! Every moment of it was perfectly perfect. Hope nothing ruins the remaining bit of it…

And by the time 31st December’s clock ticks 12 am, I’ll be, just like you,  hoping everything turns out to be fine for us and all those we love. I hope that the first of January, 2010, washes all our tears away, heals our wounds, detaches us from all the pain and it’s indulgence, reunite us with those we haven’t seen in ages and brings about the beauty of simplicity, love, and content. May we all get the best of whatever we’ve craved for,  make the most out of the days that are yet to come and have the faith to overcome whatever obstacle that might show up on our way to 2010.

Family, friends, readers and followers, Happy new year! 🙂


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