Mutual Confusion: An Attempt to evaluate the male mentality

Posted: January 1, 2010 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, Love, Randoms, Reviews, Weirdness

[I’m no psychiatrist to begin with. This might sound quite sarcastic to my fellow male readers, but that’s the whole point I guess :P]

They’re so weird, I just can’t understand them! What I know for sure is that they’re absolute players!!

Yup, I agree to that very last sentence. That was part of a LONG discussion that went between me and one of my best friends during one of our free sessions. How many times have you wished you could read minds so badly just to spare yourself the over thinking? Seems like mysteriousness is classic of men!

Like most of you, I used to say that a perfect relation is built on mutual trust and nothing but the trust. I remember myself saying: ” Along with love comes trust. ” Well my lady, that’s only in our minds. Sadly, men take that for granted. Love is giving and taking. We give, they take. We trust, they cheat. That’s how it goes. apparently there’s no such thing as “mutual”. No wait, confusion is a common factor!

They view us too as dominating, selfish, over-protective, annoying, hard to get, the same way we consider them as possessive, controlling, mean, personal advantage seekers, and suspicious. And just like we can’t understand what’s on their minds, they too crave for understanding the feminine mentality. It’s a tie! We’re even.

Statistical evidence:

  • 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women are unfaithful to those they are married to. (60 % for God’s sake!)
  • 1 in 2 marriages nowadays end in divorce because of that!

Ahhh, and that “hard to get” bit,  men would bug a lady for so long, do whatever it takes to get her phone number or email, hook up with her either for the fun of it (dating), or to show-off he’s got what others haven’t, or simply to leave her waiting for him on that date he never shows up on! Yup, it happens.

Here are some more  “Facts about Infidelity” :

  • Estimates range from; 22% of men and 14% of women have an affair to 65% of men and 55% of women have an affair depending on the study.
  • As many as 70% of affairs are not discovered.

Woah, men, your statistics exceed ours ! *Applause*

To them, we’re no more than their desirable toys they can’t live without. They want us whenever they want, as decent as angels, with no objection but simply spitting out the magical effect of  the affirmative “Yes!!” and all it’s derivatives: ( Yes, sure, why not, definitely, my pleasure, certainly, absolutely, etc…)

Okay I’m not narrow-minded. I hate generalization. I know not all males are that messed up, but I suppose they’re only a minority. As for the majority, they seek personal advantage, and nothing but that. Trying to understand a guy’s mind is like drowning in the pacific. I thought I was Titanic, but thank God I changed destination before I hit the iceberg.

Ironic how I still believe true love exists! The true logical love I should say, for the love most of us crave for is nothing but a fantasy of our own creation. Yes my dear, Prince charming and his white horse are only in our heads!  Tip: Logic priors all. What your mind disgraces shall overcome what your heart seemingly lusts for. Trust me, Go for your logic 🙂

Love can bring you down. True love shall rather push you forward. What possesses you in negativity can never illustrate love. Love strengthens you with a mate’s support. What breaks you into shattered pieces of weakness rather represents selfishness not love. See, that’s how logic backs you up…

  1. OR… OR… Females just think a lot… A LOT and never let anything go… the prefect example is the very very long post full of statistics… life is simple, and the male brain understands that, unlike the overly complicated female brain (and in this case, complication isn’t a good thing)… See that’s the real difference… and that’s why I thank God I’m a man 29 times a day 😉

    That’s of course apart from any personal issues that drove you to write this post. I’m just saying…

    But all in all, you could have some good logic 😀

  2. Rana says:

    Well, I suppose the male brain takes things WAY TOO SIMPLE xD
    If we bug our brains with over-thinking, you guys overload it with your classics: PSP, GTA, football, food…! But again, not all males are like that. That’s only the majority 😛

    You are right about the personal issues bit btw. One of the reasons behind that “very very long post full of statistics” haha

  3. Yasser says:

    Putting in mind the huge amount of statistical details in there, You’ll make one great Pharmacist lol 😛 Details is something cruical in such job…
    I personally have no argument on the post (for i dont remember anything of it lol)
    But, ummm..Well its sounds real..xD
    Keep it up 😀

  4. Rana says:

    looool Yasser you are hilarious! Thankyuu my future co-worker xD

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