Hell yeah that was a friking epic!!!!!!!!!!! 4-0, and the goal keeper got kicked out!

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Celebrities, Days and dates, evaluation, happiness, Randoms, Reviews, Sport

The match has just ended with the blessed pharohes winning Algeria, 4-0! This was by far, the best thing I’ve ever got to witness. Best match, best game, best everything!!!!! I literally can’t stop screaming, but I knew my blog deserved a share of this ecstacy!

Algeria, baby, that’s how we pay back. Not offensively, but skillfully! Hardluck…

This game has seriously left me speechless with the sheer awesomeness I’ve witnessed today. Egyptians, the time is now! Celebrate! Let your screams of happiness echo! This illustrated awesomeness to it’s peaks, ad truely deserves appreciation!!

And Hadary, I love you! haha

  1. Yasser says:

    True That ! it was an EPIC !
    Masssssssraaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwyyyy 4ever (L)

  2. Rana says:


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