Success undermined as outdated feminism?

Posted: February 4, 2010 in careers, communication, evaluation, Studies

(Now that’s smething I’ve just written for our school female impowerment magazine)

Flashback. Rewind the timeline. Stop. Yes, right there, between the late-19th and early-20th century- SUFFRAGETTE. Ignited by the potential of frustrated middle-class backgrounded women, The Suffrage movement started out, hoping for a change, not only in the social and economical statuses, but within the society as a whole. These supposedly called “outlaws” fought so hard for the previously deprived women rights, openning the eyes of this “man world” to witnessing what females can successfully achieve. This was only the start of a reversed era where women occupy the leading roles in almost all fields, even those previously dominated by men. ( Check you’re physics pastpapers, a simple example of what I’m talking about =D!)

Within these societies we live in are those who accept females as equally successful individuals of equally essential roles. I salute you for aquiring such Open minded character. Yet, a majority are still handicapped by the primitive mentality that considers us, women, nothing but household figures. Kids. Family. Kitchen. This isn’t an underestimation of household wives. On the contary, success of nations aroused by mothers maintaining stable families. This is, however, an argument against those who underestimate our potential to nothing but doing the dishes!

To them, a woman who looks up to an outstanding career has dumped her family priorities for that. They say work shall consume all their times, tension and stress would ruin the settled family, and most importantly, there’ll be no time to look after their “female appearance”. So that’s where the term “outdated feminism” came up?  Not true! A successful woman, my friend, is one who manages to find the balance between her career and family, and devotes equal times to that. She is one who does prior her family, yet finds her independence in a job of her own. 

All in all, a female’s potential can never be supressed by a male’s possession. Men don’t usually like their women to be more successful than they are, anyway. If not all, then most of them.  So people, how about you put your discrimination aside, step into the 21st century, and give us the chance to re-illustrate our ambitions?


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