Beautifully the same…

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, Memories, Randoms, Reviews, Studies, Weirdness

It’s not the first time an article of mine gets posted in a school magazine, but everytime it does, it feels so beautifully special. As if it’s the first. Proud? Maybe a little bit more than just that. I love writing, and to me, that’s an achievement. I tried to remember, when was the first time I got a piece published?? Grade 4 I suppose. A weekly newsletter. That day I ran to Mum to share my ecstacy. Dad wouldn’t really care lol.

And untill today, I just do the same. Run to Mum, sit by her side, and show her my ambition materialized 🙂

God! Feels awesome!!!

  1. Adham A. says:

    awww, congrats. Wish you luck and keep it up

  2. Rana says:

    Thankyuu man

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