The ‘Maybe’s

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, hope, immagination, Love, Memories, Randoms, Story, Weirdness

We’ve chosen to different ways. Who knows? Maybe sometime in the forseeable future we’ll get to meet. We’ll get to talk. Maybe sometime destiny shall remind us of what we’ve supposedlyconvinced ourselves we’ve forgotten… Maybe sometime soon.

Maybe is the positiveness that masks the fact that it’s never going to happen. We just stick it between the words to add a little bit of hope, some fake optimisim for infact we know for sure it’s over. Maybe, that’s going to make us feel better. Maybe? 

Then comes destiny to beat all the odds. To beat the Maybes. To make it happen and to leave us trapped. The endless chain of thoughts is ignited by the shock it gave you. But maybe it’s too late, way too late to happen. Maybe it wasn’t our fault. It’s a third power that drove us apart, one which untill this day we’re both unable to identify. It wasn’t me. It ,MAYBE, wasn’t you.  There was more to it that just the two of us. Maybe it wasn’t even us?

That “coinsidence”  has errupted issues I’ve tried to supress within myself  as these maybes were being materialized in a fraction of a second. The same happened to you. Stunning how these very unlikely maybes arise in the weirdest places.

Sometimes we just get carried away. We manage to be the same person who plays the act of a hundred people at the same time just to make sure his wanted act is overlooked by others. Let it safely hide within ourselves. That act we shared had to be buried deeply within ourselves, even if it was against our helpless will.

Life is the biggest show ever, and we’re all puppets! Ones driven by absolutely powerful forces that we can do nothing about. And once the stage empties, you shed all the masks you’ve worn, detach from all acts you’ve played, and give rise to the one show you’ve never had the chance to play. Your own show. And the best part – there are no audience to watch.

Maybe sudden incidents are just too unexpected to grasp. Maybe we’re just too insecure to stand up and do whatever it takes us to win whatever we demanded. Or simply, maybe we’re just tired of trying. Disappointment is capable of shattering us to pieces, and experiences create a barrior, a shield, around us. And that’s maybe why we fail to communicate efficiently.


Maybe not…

  1. Adham says:

    I will give you a definite “Maybe” 🙂

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