International Women’s Day: Worth The Honor

Posted: March 8, 2010 in careers, Celebrities, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Randoms, Reviews, Studies

(My 2nd article for our newly established women empowerment magazine 🙂 )

We’re not weak. We’re patient. We’re not shallow, not naive, We’re only smarter than showing our intimate strenght throughout. It shines when triggered.
Women are born strong. Peacefully strong. We define beauty in all forms. And by beauty, I don’t only refer to the physical beauty, but the beauty of being successful, independent and of a position of fair authority in countless fields.Our very own inner beauty.

Today, we take a step forward to honor each and every single woman for simply being a woman! To honor those who’ve searched themselves to find their special genuinity and thereby encouraging generations to do the same, errupting currents of significant achievements, inventions and investments.To honor all mothers who’ve attained the stability between their motherhood and demandd success. To honor, and most importantly, back up our fighters against cancer, support them, and be one of the voices telling them ” You can do it !” .
Today involves all of us, and it’s enough to walk down the street with an unusally boasting confidence, for it’s the day we get to proove our potentials extend far beyond any horizons. Hi-five women!

  1. Maha says:

    Yes Rana . you can also do it and keep on in your writing I am so happyto read these words today so I am sure that you have the talent to be a successful person in this life . keep it up and memorize the successful women have to balance between her duty and her demands in this life may be sometimes you face difficulties in front of you but you can cross it and dont let it affect on you walk and walk try and do all you learn from your god and our prophet and then you will reach to this point which balance between your duties and your demands and needs God with you my baby

  2. Rana says:

    Love you much much more baby <3!!
    Couldn't have done it without u by my side 😉 mwaaaaah

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