Storyline 3: The Weakness in You

Posted: March 19, 2010 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, hope, Love, Memories, Randoms, Story, Weirdness

You’re weak. Very weak. Possibly afraid. That makes you even weaker. Just don’t explain yourself, you’re weakness explained it all.
I’m just shocked. How could you possibly be so helpless, so passive! How could you give up on what you supposedly treasured most in life. It’s either it never mattered to you, or that you’re too handicapped to fight for your dreams. And whatever the reason behind that was, it illustrates a form of weakness which I’ve eventually realized.

She was right infront of you, a metre away. She stood right there. And like always, you did nothing. Absolutely nothing. You missed out on your second, if not the last, chance. So what was holding you back this time? No explanation is good enough. There’s isn’t any anyway!

She fought for you, she grasped you tightly, so tightly, and stood by your side against the world. Thought the two of you made a team. Unbeatable. So strong that it seemed unbreakable. She was ready to face anything, when you only hid yourself.She was the dream you thought it’s eventually coming true. What have you done inreturn? Escaped the world to create a cave of your own? Escaped your friends? It’s always the same. You simply turn your back to whatever you dislike. You give up on everything for nothing. Depression and negativeness that you’ve spoonfed yourself with. And within all that messed up mind of yours, you failed to place her in the category she deserved. You escaped her too. Yes, a mistake which she wouldn’t forgive, you didn’t even make it up for her, and you still seek forgiveness?? She was ready to offer it more than once, but everytime she’s about to do so, your weakness kicks in, you give up way too early and fall back into your fake cave of hibernation. She’s not your puppet. She didn’t want to leave you so weak, so corrupted. But you failed to get that too! The weakness in you soon became a part of hers. She was only caught up in the middle.

And untill this day, she was unable to find a reason. Only at this very moment, when you get a chance to do something after all this time, you don’t for you’re still restrained by that God damn weakness you’ve created. It has taken all over you untill you’ve become weaknessness yourself! Only then she saw the bigger picture. Only then she understood she has ‘overestimated’ your potentials. You were just too weak for her. You’re too weak for anything! The moment she saw you everything rushed into her, everything. That was when she knew she was wasting her time. She finally understood she cannot have something you could never offer. Not to her, not to anybody. This marked the incident she understood her only choice was to let go. She wasn’t bothered to pay you another look. It didn’t matter anyway.

You lost a fighter, she only lost a loser. And along with that, she lost her weakness.

If you still care don’t ever let her know. She wouldn’t let the feelings she’s supressed show. Atleast not to you. She’s far more stronger, remember? You’ll never get to see the pain you caused her. She would never unveil it. Especially to him who caused her all that sufferance. Forgiveness is another story. Forget? She wouldn’t. She’s strong enough to remember everything, and to talk about it with others. What about you? 

She’s had enough. Too much weakness to bear. You wouldn’t change. Weakness is your template. If you wanted to do something you would’ve done it a long time ago. If not, then it’s either you don’t want to, or you’re a chicken. In both cases, she gives up. She wouldn’t give a damn anymore.
She’s now ending your silly pathetic show with a similar passive act. Enjoy.
Bury whatever you’ve felt in you, just like she did, and try to find the reasons to move on…

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