The Notebook effect

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Celebrities, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Love, Memories, movies, Randoms, Reviews, Story, Weirdness

Every now and then we hangout somewhere, pick out a movie, and start our own portable cinema. By the time our BurgerKing delivery arrived, lights were already off, and the movie was rolling – The Notebook. It was a romantic hit! All four of us enjoyed the fantacy we were watching. Love is always a fantacy, isn’t it? But THAT… That was a farfetched one! It left us speechless with the beauty of it. Beyond description.  Love is powerful. It could yet be powerfully destructive.

And by the time we regained our linguistic skills, we soon realized,

First love never dies. People only kill it, and bury whatever remains under their skin. Weirdness then brings it back to life, yet sometimes it never does…

And that, my friend, is The Notebok effect 😉

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