Her last letter…

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, immagination, Love, Randoms, Weirdness

Dear heart of hers,

I’m glad you’re stronger now. I’m glad you’re all wrapped and sealed. Have no fear. You’re now shielded with the walls she has sadly demolished before. Barriers that took her a whole lot of devastation to break down then rebuilt once more only to have you back at that perfectly peaceful state you were in for so long. So, are you now? Are you back?

She’s stitched your wounds and gave them all the time they needed to heal. Have they faded?

She’s sorry. Terribly sorry she’s put you through all this misery. This isn’t happening anymore. She’s keeping you safe and sheltered in her. She’s build up stronger barriers. The time is now. It’s your time to feel alive again, heart. She’s returned her stolen sole back into your chambers. I promise she won’t put you through all that again…

Heart, I promise you she won’t let you fall in such so-called-love. You’ve got my words for that and my words are good. I won’t let anything shatter you to pieces. Not love, nothing. This time I mean it. You’re as safe as safe could be. You’re now under the protection of a thoughtful mind of hers. A stronger will and a powerful determination. I promise, truly and faithfully, she won’t let you fall in love again. Not for the time being.

You’re precious. No one can have you. She’s got you back, and she would ever let you go. I promise.

Take care,

Your mind.


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