So that’s what it feels like!!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, immagination, Memories, Randoms, Spirituality, Weirdness

I’m happy. Straight forward. Happy, happy happy! It’s been so long since I’ve been that happy!! I feel it’s me once more. It’s not the fake happiness I used to pretend, this time it’s real. I can feel it on the inside before it reveals itself with that 12 inch smile of mine !

I look back at yesterday and laugh. Laugh out so hard!! I move on to today and I find myself still laughing, still happy. On bed, I lay and consume my remaining energies to smile, now that I’ve got my optimistic touch back! If I ever get to make it to ‘Tomorrow’, I shall still find a away to laugh my heart out. Bright Side phenomena in action 🙂

It’s a weird urge to smile. For no reason. Or maybe there is. There has to! Maybe it’s beacause I’ve got myself, my life, my happiness back! Back on track.  I might have found a way to make my life more useful, more meaningful, even if nothing has yet been materialized, the idea of it still lingers there, and above all, the will is always present. There’s no time to waste on non-sense!

And this happiness I feel taking over me, I shall find a way to make people feel too! I’ve always felt an obligation to make everybody smile, and maybe it’s just about time to get that in action! I shall try my best. My very best. Hapiness is all around us, but we’re just too silly not to open our eyes. Yes, that sounds more like me. I’m happy 🙂

Positiveness, take the lead…

  1. Adham A. says:

    loooool, that is made me smile and happy as well 😀

  2. Rana says:

    Yaaay mission accomplished 😉 haha Glad it did

  3. […] when I first felt a surge of positiveness in myself and wanted to share that weird happiness with the world? Remember the usefulness I longed for just to make myself satisfied with my own […]

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