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The goodness in you

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

I can still see beyond the shield of nonsense around you. I can still feel the goodness you’ve overlooked in you. Or maybe, the goodness you decided to give up on, because to you, it’s pointless. Maybe you’re just too blind to see it, to passive to enhance it, just like always. As for me, I can clearly spot it out! It’s always there in you, but you never get to notice. You never get to notice anything but the same nonsense that’s all over you. Always.

I have failed to bring that goodness in you to life. But I’ve never failed to realize it. All I hope is that someday you might stumble upon who you really are. There’s so much good in you that you’re wasting. Again, on nonsense. Sad. You’ve replaced it with the sadcase you’re turning yourself into. But again, it’s all up to you how you live it up…

And just like I still believe in the goodness you’ve dumped, I can still find some goodness in everyone I meet. People who might haven’t had the chance to witness it yet. People who I wish I could help bring their good powers back to life. Good souls that people fail to view. But I know it’s present. Right there in each and every one of you! But again, some are just another sadcases that we stand helpless infront. Sadcases who let this sheer innocence die within themselves, yet others who just need a push!

And if there’s still one thing of yours worth remembering, then indeed it is that goodness you aren’t yet introduced to 🙂 .


The box of memories is locked. But there’s no wrong in peeking through every now and then. There’s nothing so new. I’ve chosen a more productive life. I decided to divert my potentials to something more useful. I’ve chosen to give up on all the overthinking, all the mess, and go for something more stable. A more balanced life. As for him, he’s still the same, getting wasted and messing himself up even more each day 🙂 ! 

I can’t really find anything to say. I’ve said almost everything a long time ago. I just like smiling as I drift back into some of the memories. It’s not like I want any of them back. Absolutely not. I like the way I am now. I’ve got the life I wanted back, and that’s all what matters. I just look back at the old days and enjoy how things had drastically changed. From normally good, to beautiful, to immensly wonderful then to worse, horrible, devastating, and finally once more, peacefully normal. And between that ‘normally good’ to that ‘peacefully normal’ was series of events that not only it adds to my memory, but to my experience too. And I never regret anything. I’m responsible of all decisions I make, and I never chicken out. Never!

As I write these lines, I end one of the biggest chapters of my life. I end the story that has casted a long time ago. And I’m happy about it. I turn the page, and enjoy the emptiness of it and the urge to fill in these lines. I will, soon. 🙂 The key to that box of memories has sunk in your well of lies. And I wouldn’t care less… 😀

As for the relief I feel at the moment, it’s beyond description !