Almost done with the most anti-social phase ever!

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Days and dates, evaluation, happiness, health, Randoms, Studies, Summer, Weirdness

A Levels. What else could it be? Well, let’s not over describe it. It IS anti-social, but not VERY. You know, these couple of  months has been a wreck. Getting done with the syllabus, pre-mocks, mocks, then official CIE examinations… hangouts less often, my friends and I barely meet up. Phew! I feel my creativity is restrained. 

Anyway, I’m left with one more to go. By 10/6 I’ll be screaming “Freeeeeeeeeeedom”! The worst is over by now lol This year exams were really challenging. I felt some questions were from Mars ! Anyway, I so can’t wait for summer’10!

It’s almost there!!

Any plans? Hell yeah! Fun, fun, and some more fun! Wait, I’m not that shallow 😛 Apart from the classics (beach, hangouts, sleepovers etc…) my friends and I are looking for a summer job. I’d rather say, looking for a sense of independence and responsibility! I just don’t wanna let my time go to waste. My Art, ofcourse I haven’t forgotten that. Planning to visit the nearest bookshop very soon. I need to add a few more stuff to my painting set, try out a few more colourings and mixtures.

Cooking? Since I was just talking abt “responsibility” then yeah, I should give it a shot. I won’t eat my first dishes though lol. 

I so can’t believe highschool is over. It’s been one hell of a year. Even the last few years, they were just as wonderful!  I’ve had my fair share of nearly everything. That’s what I call experience !

All in all, this summer shall hopefully be way more productive than last years. BIGTIME!!

So let’s just hope these few days pass so quickly so that I’d get my plans into action. 😉


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