Byebye High school

Posted: June 15, 2010 in careers, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, Memories, Randoms, Studies

And that goes into our school yearbook … Yup, “Graduates” section.

Byebye Highschool. It’s just about time each and every one of us takes lead of his/her life. There’s more to it than just college. A whole new life with new dimensions awaits us. One which demands a more responsible and independent us!Life starts now.

Looking back at this year, it has definitely been one of a kind! We’ve made a whole lot of memories that shall linger in our minds forever. Memories that no matter how far life takes us, we shall never forget. We’ve met teachers whom we owe more than just a sincere “Thank you”, friends that became very close to us, so close that they became even more than just friends. Siblings? Maybe even more!
Looking back at this year, I laugh. My box of memories is loaded with happiness that we’ve built together with whatever we’ve come across throughout the days. It indeed was our second home it shall be forever…

And as the first batch to graduate from KMIS, we take pride in flying our caps high, really high, just as high as our ambitions!

  1. Adham says:

    Congratulation on you graduation 😉

    Ps. i loveeeeee the new look 😀

  2. Rana says:

    Thnxxxxxxxxxxxx 😀

  3. Banota Wahida says:

    u knw wt buddy …. am really really glad that i was 1 of ur frndz … hope our frndship would last 4 ever and ever 😉
    luv u ❤

  4. Rana says:

    I’m even luckier to have a friend like you sweets!! Bff ❤ love u hunn

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