Beautiful was our Graduation ceremony. More than just Beautiful!

Posted: June 16, 2010 in careers, communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Love, Memories, photography, Randoms, Reviews, Studies

Today we graduated. We’ve officially bid ‘Highschool’ our farewells. Off we go. The ceremony was fabulous. By the time parents had taken their seats, music was on and we were already walking into the hall. It was a symphony. A beautiful one! Cameras were everywhere, flashlights were like shooting stars! Every parent wanted to capture a memory. And they definitely did.

As we walked over our school’s red carpet, I felt weirdly proud. Maybe because I’ve come this far to the edge of success. I believe everyone felt the same. We couldn’t stop smiling. And as we walked a distance ahead, I could see my teachers smiling back as they watched their fruits ripen! Happiness filled every corner of the hall.

There was the stage. It was getting closer, and I soon found myself up on it’s floor. I could see mum! I could see everyone! The way I felt couldn’t be expressed as “ecstacy”. It was more than just that. I was surrounded by people I love, and who love me back. Mum, friends and teachers. The same cameras that followed us up, kept staring at us as we crowded the stage and as we decended it’s stairs.

(Credits to our awesome photographer, Sara Zaki )

We had our seats and It was now time for the principals word. Once she was done, it was time for OUR word, our speech! Two of my friends and I were asked to come forward as our names were called. There we were. Infront of the too many parents. What’s weird is that, by the time it was my turn to speak out I wasn’t scared. The idea of it was worring me yesterday night. But then, it was more like this provoking mixture of happiness and excitment overcame my fear. It slowly wiped it out and took over.  Worry was so trivial to unveil itself. It slowly kept deteriorating…

We soon exchanged places, and it was me with the microphone in hand. The smile was still on. It was stretching wide. Very wide. I was where I belong. Where I’ve always loved- on stage. I automatically started my speech, which went like:

Today, we stand before you, not as highschool students anymore but as graduates who are ready to take off for a great responsibility that is yet to come. A whole new life awaits us, and life starts now!

We were surrounded by mothers who weren’t only professional, but caring and passionate. We were surrounded by sibilings, sisters and brothers. We were a family. and together, we made memories!

A very strong family of a principal, coordinators, supervisors, teachers and students that together built an unbreakable bond of affection and support. Hand in hand we grew stronger and hand in hand we faced off endless challenges.

Looking back at these years, we laugh. our box of memories is loaded with happiness.

Is this the end? Definitely not! It’s only the beginning. This is where we take off. It indeed was our second home it shall be forever…

The view was magnificent! Having audience actually listening to what I was saying made me feel good enough!

Apllause. Then my friend carried on from here.

Today was awesome in all measures. It was a classic that I can never forget. Today marked both the end of an era, and the start of a new one.  Today was happy. And I absolutely loved each and every single minute of it ❤

  1. Banota Wahida says:

    wooooooooooww ….. coool … amazing …. awesome ….
    really i don’t know what should I say
    but I am sure of 1 thing …. which is that your happiness which filled the lines of your post traveled all along to enter my heart ❤ ❤
    ranoshy …. congrats buddy …
    wish you a life full of happiness and success 😉
    Frndz 4 ever
    Banota 😀 😀

  2. Rana says:

    Awwwww ❤
    Babe, I love you! And am glad it did 😀
    I reaaaaaaaaally wish you the best of luk with every aspect of ur life sweets xoxo

  3. Banota Wahida says:

    luv u more ❤ ❤
    thxxxxxxxxxxxxx 😀 😀

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