Tempting? Yeah, Thought so !

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Days and dates, evaluation, happiness, health, photography, Randoms, Reviews, Summer, Weirdness

Has boredom ever been so inspiring? Well it always is when it comes to us. The girls and I were hanging out together and after a couple of card games we decided that Today needed some special ignition! We eventually made up our minds of having some BR! Yeps, what’s better than the awesome Baskin Robbin’s in a freaking hot summer moring?  The idea then grew into buying an icecream cake! And we did.

There it was. Delicious, tempting and sensational!!  It’s an edible piece of art!


As you can see, I’d already eaten some of the squared cake/browny pieces, whatever they were, I was too turned on to decide what that was 😛 Yummyyy! Mouthwatering!!  This was sheer deliciousness. Then came the tough part, slicing it into pieces. The icecream was so solid and the knife was too weak to cut through! You know what was even more challenging?? Eating it 😀

Icecream started to slowly melt and soak the cake’s spongy texture. That then setteled in my mouth as my tongue rolled over to taste the sweetness of chocolate. Chocolate bits were all over the place, and after we all enjoyed such chocolate fantacy, the mighty cake ended up like that :

See that knife? Yh, that’s the one that gave us a hard time 😛 And these were the remaining bits!  It was too yummy that we started finger-licking! xD

Ahhhh, I love u girls! And I totally loved every crunch of that BR cake ! haha ❤

  1. Adham says:

    Haha, it was looking yummmy but before u guys ate it 😦


  2. Rana says:

    Haha I know ! 😀

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