A Nostalgic Flashback

Posted: June 25, 2010 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Love, Memories, Music, photography, Randoms, Story, Weirdness

That song is definitely one of my favourite!

It flashed me back a long time ago. It reminded me of the millions of broken hearts out there who are basically waiting for absolutely nothing!! There are loads of them clinging to a very fine thread of that so-called love which suffers ignorance and disappointment. What for? 

All that corruptive pain is nothing but a consequence of a reckless decision of loving the wrong person. But then, being too in love to let go holds back our minds. It would resent it, if only it could!! If only it did!! Again, everything happens for a reason


It makes me feel sad seeing the many of them suffer. Seeing them crying themselves to sleep. One wrecked relationship could be quite disruptive! And getting over it might take a whole lot of both time and effort. That’s if they do get over it in the first place… Even if they do, the scar still remains. It fades with time, but it’s still there. And the tiniest coincidence could cut it wide open. That would keep on happening. On and on. And everytime this happens, you get to see your dreams shattered all over again. Until you get used to it. Until this builds up strength in you. 

And the proof is when you come across the places you used to be in together. The songs you used to listen to. The live memories all around you. But all of these no longer have any effect on you. Your heart never beats the same, never jumps out of place as it bumps into them. Only then you know you’ve got over it. You find yourself putting on that sarcastic smile and walking away. Because, honestly, you no longer give a fuck.

As I heard that song, I flashed back. I felt sorry for those who do through that pain every day. I felt sympathy. I did feel sorry for all those who are so messed up to be the reason for other people’s sufferance. I felt irony.

I felt strength, yet nostalgia.


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