Suddenly in a good, longer lasting mood :D

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, health, hope, Love, Memories, Music, Randoms, Spirituality, Weirdness

Remember that conversation I talked about two post earlier?

Yeah, about that, My friend went online the day after, and I suddenly felt I didn’t really wanna ask him about it. About that story.  I truly didn’t care, so why bother myself? It was trivial to me, to us, and guess there’s nothing more I needed to know…

We talked for a while, and then his good memory urged him to remember that what we were talking about yesterday wasn’t over yet. He brought it up again, and the talking kept going… It was obviously important for him too. A third party was involved here lol. He was a good friend of mine, and of his. He knew both of us good enough and that’s why he was pretty excited to know what has gone wrong. He told me whatever he was told, or at least all what he thought he remembered was told… I was okay with it, he was only stating the obvious.  He wanted to help. But guess it was already over…

We shifted to other topics, talked for a while, and enjoyed a delightful chitchat.

But once that was over, I had this weird feeling. A positive one.

I soon felt content. I was embraced with some weirdly smothered happiness. The way I got to see things have drastically changed. I look back at that memory only to smile, for no reason. I soon realized that my way is starting to clear up. It’s now wide and clear. And that subtle feeling of regret. Guilt. A subtle mixture of both i suppose… It’d faded. Yes, it’s no longer there in me. I can stare back at that memory without feeling the tiniest bit of nostalgia anymore!

I’m clueless of what has caused this sudden change, but I’m so glad it happened…

And here’s a bit of wot I’ve been listening to lately:

  1. The mood swings may last for a few hours or for several months. Spirituality Collectibles

  2. Rana says:

    True that! Hope this one lasts long enough.

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