Off to ‘Where the Heart Leads’…

Posted: July 30, 2010 in delights, Emotions, happiness, Love, Reviews, Story

And that’s where I stop for  doing some romantic reading- Where the Heart Leads. Seriously, Stephanie Laurens takes me to another world! It’s not only the romance she writes, but the way she describes it. It definitely takes over all your senses. The way her chosen words flow creates a perfectly enthusiastic and emotionally complex visualization gradually building up a sequential plot that you dive into.

To me, romance is something sacred, not anyone can get his hands and actually express the complexity of what our hearts feel so easily…So truly. So precisely and peculiarly. Yes, precision is essential when it comes to emotions. And Stephanie Laurence has definitely go them all. So vividly, lively and accurately!

Her writings offered me pleasure. It’s probably because she speaks our hearts out. And that standard typical conflict between Logic and passion that always persists, she expressed it so beautifully, so acutely!

I’m halfway through the novel, and so far, I’ve enjoyed the story I’ve carefully constructed under the direction of her narration. Soon enough, that world in my mind started buzzing with characters that I keep shifting from one setting to the other.

What actually made me buy the book was its title, because that’s what I tend to do actually, let my heart guide me. Sometimes, under the supervision of my logic. Yeah, that day I felt something… Something that made me want to read more into it… So here I am 😀 Reading, enjoying, and relating to a relevant world. 😀

  1. Just bookmarked your site! I’ll be back to check out your future postings.

  2. Rana says:

    Much appreciated 🙂

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