On the cozy arm chair

Posted: August 2, 2010 in communication, Emotions, hope, immagination, photography, Randoms, Spirituality, Story, Weirdness

Close your eyes. You’ve seen much. It’s just about time they rest. Stretch your arms. Far. As far as far can be. Space? Emptiness? You soon reach for something solid. Something of a significant texture to slowly sweep your fingers on. Carefully. You do it again, trying to figure out what it is that you’re toughing. You keep stretching further, and the texture gradually changes, introducing you to a range of senses. Or probably, introducing you to your senses…

You develop your fingertips into efficient sensors, and everything soon becomes so familiar. And you become so good at it that you can directly tell what you’re getting your hands on. Soon enough, you start turning whatever you feel into a built in image that you drew on your own. That you, only you, can gain access to. This becomes your world, and you rule under a system of your own, a set of regulations that you’ve created for your own functioning.

You’re still closing these eyes. You’ve let these long dark eyelashes lock them. And it’s still quiet…

You listen…

To sounds around you, if any. You get so used to it that they gradually fade. Diminish. And once more, you are introduced to a new sound. The sound of your own. You can hear yourself speak up. Very clearly, very efficiently. Very fluently… Yet others fail to recognize that. You hear your innermost thoughts come to life at the rhythmic  beat of your heart. And you actually seem to like that…

Someone, somewhere suddenly breaks the usual silence. You sit up. And you feel your powers flee towards your ears. Your eyes still closed yet strained. You try your very best to recognize the sound. And you do.

So you lean at the edge of the armchair you’re sitting on, and it goes back to the normal silence. Peacefully quiet…

The more you stay seated, the more you’re introduced to a whole lot of feelings, senses and actions that come all together in a package. And here is the only place you can experience them, for once you step out of here, out of your calm, tranquil state of mind that your solitude have offered, you’ll get carried away. And you’ll fail to recognize them anymore.

They’re precious, and usually overlooked by so many people that they eventually think they never existed for they can no longer endure them.

You’ve always loved the peace this state brought to you. But you soon realize you can’t escape forever. There’s an outer world that still awaits you. People who care about you, people who need you, and others who love you and love your existence.

You know you can’t keep your created harmony last longer than it should so you soon regain your relaxing strengths, get a grip and with whatever remaining energy in you, you resist your very own wills and stand up, walk out that door, and back to the noise. Back to the confusion. Back to the world…

  1. Besella (mostafa ) says:

    I have loved the R-Premisis since u told me about it….its just awesome, the whole thing, and every single piece of writing is a master piece, ur awesome =)

    Keep it up.=)

  2. Rana says:

    Besellaaaaaaaaa !! Thank you so much budd !!
    I’m reaaaaally glad you liked it :D:D xx

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