Got a feeling today’s gonna turn out to be Gooooood !

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Days and dates, evaluation, happiness, Music, Randoms, Weirdness

7 am, I hit the sac.

Then… For some reason…

I wake up at 12.

That’s something that doesn’t happen so often. See, I am a heavy sleeper 😛 I expect myself to wake up by 3 or something.

Everyone was up already.

Got my all time favorite cornflakes ready… Breakfast was ready.

Chit-chatted with the fam… watched TV…

Checked my facebook, to find my very awesome friend posting this onto my wall:


Then… I scroll further… I find this 😀 :


Gol Gol Gol Gol !!

Could this morning get any better !! 😀 haha

The fam soon realizes they’re too sleepy so they go take a nap… Now am all awake by myself…

Nope, not sleepy!

Nothing extraordinary happened, yet am still so excited about today…

For no reason, I go do the dishes… Me, doing the dishes, yeah happens… 😀

A while later, I’m done… Happily, no losses…

I’m not sleepy. And luckily not feeling pretty bored. Nope… Again, for some reason…

So I get back to my faithful VAIO… get back to facebook, listen to some music, then here I am sharing today’s empty random weirdness for no reason 😀

Oh, and Justin Bieber, he sounds like a 13 year old spoiled brat ! Man up dude!! lol

I still wonder… why do I feel good!!

How about some James Brown??

  1. Adham says:

    Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol … teete teeeteee tete tete etete Gooooooooool


    What a happy post 😀

  2. Rana says:

    Adham, haha yeah it’s hilarious xD

    @”Belly flattening exercises”, this post isn’t, but the blog itself is. At least to me 🙂 Not everything we come across is so “useful”

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