If time favors you? Would you…?

Posted: August 9, 2010 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Love, Memories, Music, photography, Randoms, Weirdness
She’s kept these days intact in a solid memory of hers. Time passes, and everytime she looks at the callendar a memory is brought up to live. Her mind replays. She knows a lot more about it now, but that never made it less confusing. It never lessened the pain. It never pushed her to any valid significant understanding… It was always rather the same, weirdness and you.
Time flies. So do these dates on that callender stuck up her bedroom wall. But never does that memory. It never renews. It’s always there. Stuck!
She falls back to her bed, snatches the pillow, and sinks into it…Wondering… This time not about the past, but the future.
What if time favours her, favours you both, and brings the two of you right at each other’s faces? What if on such date you find yourself standing infront the one person you’ve always wanted to be with but you never had the chance to?
Would you let her run into your tough arms, fall helpessly into them? Would you hold her tight and swear you’ll never let go again and really mean it?
Would you look deeply into her bright eyes and answer all her questions at once? Would you reassure her?
Would you grab her falling body, grasp it, and bring it closer to yours? Would you let her head rest upon your chest as you hold her cold hands with yours? Would you?
Or would you look away?? Stare. Blink. Lookaway. Glimpse. All speechless.
Are you going to wait untill she walks away too then only let your eyes follow her round every road. Every corner? Will you still disappoint her beacuse until this day you’re still caught up with the emotional turmoil she errupts in you? Would you let her go… Then remorse? Then fall back into the same well of memories that made her think of this in the first place??
Would you call her name? Not in your head, but out loud! So loud that she, and everyone, could hear! Would you run after her, grab her hands and explain yourself? Tell her you’re sorry. Would you smile at her decent face and ask her to smile back? Would you tell her how much you’ve missed her, and how much she means to you?
Then, would you now fall into her soft arms, just like you’ve always wanted to?
The image collapses as she holds her head up again and puts the pillow aside. She now stares at reality, and a white ceiling. Gets up, and tells herself when the bridge comes, she’ll cross it!

This could be anyone.

A father and an abandoned child…

A lover and a long lost significant other…

A friend…

It could be anyone. It could be you.


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