Newbies – Because you’re talented too!

Posted: August 13, 2010 in careers, evaluation, skills, Weirdness

There are loads of people out there who’re pretty good writers but has never attempted to maintain a blog. Some might only stick to private diaries, yet other might neither keep a journal nor go for blogging.

Lazy? Busy? Only write an entry every now and then?  Possible.

And that’s sad, because they’ve got both the skills that they need to only train in order to progress, and the essential creativity to come up with genuine ideas!

Why not give them a hand??

So here’s another thing I’d like to introduce to my R-premises – The Newbies page.

This is to the non-blogging-friends of mine who’d like to share stuff with us too. You’re more than welcomed!

Who knows? You might end up changing your minds and become bloggers yourselves 😉

Stay tuned! More is yet to come, more is yet to be shared 😀

  1. Rana says:

    Holaaaaa 😀

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