A leap of faith

Posted: August 17, 2010 in communication, delights, Emotions, evaluation, faith, happiness, hope, Music, Spirituality
There are times when you feel not only helpless, but confused. Life becomes too complicated to understand and you find everything you stumble upon pretty weird. Everything! You feel out of place…
It’s crowded, messy, and noisy. Everyone is busy doing something that you might not seem to comprehend. And that’s fine, because you don’t want to.
To you, people are overcomplicating issues and putting themselves under so much stress that could be easily eliminated…if they want to…
You believe life is far more simpler. No one seems to actually attain the same level of tranquility that you do. A peacful, independet and well-arranged state of mind.
So as everyone hectically rush to get over with their seemingly endless duties, you watch. Observe. Stare. You try to find reasons behind the complexity that have became a habbit people can’t get rid off. You’re puzzled. And you soon fail to find any…
You might even come to think that YOU might be the proble itself. You might be the one with the issue overhere. You might be over-simplifying things yourself…
Gradually you tap into the same confusion you’d previously despised. And you remain stuch there for sometime…
Things are just going the wrong way, you tell yourself. People take good for bad and the other-way-round. Cheating, lying and bribing has become so common that it’s no longer recognized as “wrong”. Justice has become a rare trait… Where has innocence gone?
You soon realize that this world is turned upside down. You become a challenge yourself. Deep inside you you know you’re right. Yes you are! You need not change yourself into a hypocrite. You need not become them.
Two different worlds collide in you, and as this conflict persists, you manage to pause. You eliminate all external pressures, and you reach for something genuine that not everbody manage to hold on to.
You reach for something closer to you than yourself- God. HE is perfection in all its forms. He is everything you need. He’ll never let you down, and that you know very well!
He understands you without you having to explain, hears you without you having to speak.Feels you, sees you, and as long as you’re reaching for him, he’s there for you. Always!
He knows you better, and knows what’s better for you. He guides you throughout, and protects you.Sometimes even without you noticing.
That’s all what matters for what more can one ask for??
You believe in him and you mean it.
You do your best to please him, not only because you have to, but because you love to. You want to!
You feel that whatever you do is never good enough for his bounties are countless!
You slip away. And everytime you do you manage to get back on track. You keep seeking His help, His mercy, His guidance. You need it. And you hold on to your faith, very strongly, beacause this is the one thing you can rely on in a world that is so confusing like this one…
The outside noises gradually get louder once more. You look around you once more, and you feel stronger. You feel you’ve got backup- The best backup one could ever have, the most powerful ever! You breathe in very deeply, keep walking, and feel a massive positive energy taking over you, and making your world the happiest ever. You keep smiling at people you meet beacause you’re able to find beauty in life. And their grumpy faces wonder, “What’s that smile for??”
The unique peace in you answers very clearly, “it’s faith”.
The faith you find in your closeness to God…
You consider youself lucky, very lucky, beacuse you know you’ve chosen the right path. Your world lightens up from it’s former darkness, and there’s noway you’re going to let yourself fall back into it!


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