Storyline 6: Bits of forgotten enjoyments

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Days and dates, delights, Emotions, evaluation, Love, Memories, photography, Randoms, Summer, Travel, Weirdness

The airport buzzed with travellers. Like always. Some panicking and running, looking for their lost gates, some bearing their chocking boredom, waiting for their flight announcements to begone, while others roaming here and there checking out duty-free-shops, shopping.

Cafes crowded with hungry passengers. Hungry for food, and hungry for family reunions…

She plugged in her earphones, hoping the beat of her music overcomes the noise, the distorting announcements, the murmuring of the crowds… And it successfully did. Loud enough.

She kept walking until her blood-shot strained eyes spot an empty table  round the corner. Her sore feet pulled her tired body towards it. She sat down throwing her restless body on the chair. Her hand bag slammed the floor as she let go, freeing her hands from any responsibility to be carried.

She held her breath and scanned the bustling surrounding. Annoyed by the blinding lights and deafening sounds all around her, she then scrolled down her ipod looking for something far more relaxing to entertain her ears and lessen the tension.

She didn’t bother looking at her watch for she knew there were another eight hours to go and that – she was sure- was going to last forever!  She expected the classic boredom to exist and persist longer than it should and she was up for the challenge. She spent the very first hours taking advantage of the free airport WiFi and her laptop and made the most out of them. A few meters away was a plasma screen… A football match…  Despite the fact she isn’t into football, boredom – or her anti-boredom plan, I should say- drew her attention and interests to actually watch and enjoy the match.

Then passed another hour.

She was still sticking to the chair. Recovering. She checked her e-mail once more, for the gazillion-th time then looked back at the brightly lit screen… There, a few meters away…Meters? No, inches! Her eyes witnessed the most decent face ever, glancing back at her, stealing a few glimpses.

For a moment, she felt herself dive into the lush green forests of his eyes. Deeply…

She was quickly struck with an overflow of consciousness that quickly rolled her eyes away from the his and quit their captivity. He did the same. Spontaneously. That left her face, her expressions, and her thoughts blank. “What was that all about??” She asked herself as she tried to engage herself, and her mind, with another distraction. Food. That definitely fulfilled her hunger , but never satisfied her hunger to explore and drown into the endless well of decent beauty she’d just tapped into…

Apparently, there was much more for her to do than just get over the usual boredom. This time, boredom had introduced her to a greater excitement she hadn’t anticipated. Something else occupied her brain- Him.

On was her ” I don’t seem to notice” mask put. After all, her pride reigned, ruled every bit of her, and controlled every thought and action of hers. And that itself was a challenge- not only to her- but to everyone around. Precisely, him.

She hammered her head at the screen, fixed her eyes on the players as though she was watching the match when in fact she was at an angle where she could get a perfect view of him from the edge of her eyes. Wasn’t very clear but good enough. And she enjoyed it…

He’d his earphones plugged in too, just like her. Seems like he despised the hustle and bustle of the airport as well. He’d look around, shuffle through his ipod songs as he scrolled up and down his list. And when he was sure no one was looking, he’d glance, again, at her. Sometimes he’d offer himself the pleasure of staring a bit longer at her busy face. He’d study her eyes, and wished she met his gaze another time.  He thought she never noticed, thought she wasn’t aware, when in fact he was only fooled by the brilliant act her confidence played.

He looks away for he assumes his glimpse is taking longer than it should…

Ever since her eyes had met his, she never felt the same. Weirdness lured. She felt his eyes follow her, trap her, and embrace her. She knew he was watching.  His brilliant, peaceful eyes of marble green danced as she moved here and there. That, she felt too. She felt their weak yet demanding possession. For the first time she’d allowed herself to be held captive.  That was a different form of captivity. One that she obviously enjoyed and wanted to last…

That act of delusive ignorance they both played lasted very long. Neither one of them bothered to stare at the clocks’ hands anymore. They did pretend to be bored- yawned, rubbed their eyes, sighed- but in fact, were they?? That was only part of their show which they’d acted brilliantly!

A show that showered excitement down their veins, but they were both fully aware it was going to end pretty soon…

A while later, he stretched his broad shoulders, cracked his knuckles, clutched his medium-sized handbag and stood up to reveal a tall, handsome significance.   The moment his body parted the chair he was seated in, she felt all her attention divert and direct towards him. Her eyes swiftly shifted to his sight. Again, carefully without anyone noticing.  Yes, she did expect the show to be over soon, but so soon??

He raised his bag up his shoulder and dragged himself across the floor. Boldly. Confidently. her eyes – glued on him- ran behind his reflection on the blackened mirror walls in front of her. Not very happy, not so sad either, she blew a fragile sigh and got back to the former anti-boredom plan she’d previously set for herself. Deep inside she wished he’d come back. She enjoyed such incredible presence and had an urge to explore him more. In details. But anyway, what were the chances of him reappearing? Nill!

So there she was, scanning her inbox, preparing herself for the remaining four or five hours that were yet to come…

As she was busy sweeping her spam, she noticed a sudden, tranquil rush pass by her table. She looked up. It was him, he’s back!! Then back to focus on her junk mail. As if she did… Scene two of their playful act was on.

Another match was on and as the first goal hit the net, she twisted to face the screen, with a wide smile curving her lips. Her sudden energetic excitement grabbed his focused attention, and seeing her expressions surge as she turned to check the score, he turned too. Quickly but peacefully. Then back they were, she stared once more at her inbox, and he stared at the wall as he listened to the music.

Time passed, and that kept happening on and on. Once more he presses his grey shirt to his chest, grabs his belongings and walks away. She believes he isn’t coming back. He comes. And another scene is added to the previous one. She buys a salad, he gets himself a can of coke. And as hours pass, they start to seem really really bored. His eyes fixed at her, her eyes fixed at the laptop’s screen as that feeling of being watched still exists. Until he broke the silence of their world.

He stood up, took a deep breath and one last long glimpse at the pretty young lady in front of him, grabbed his heavy black bag then walked away, this time, passing by her chair, then further away, into the crowd. She peeked, and as he passed by her, she felt some creeping warmth escape into her, brush her softly, then fade. She held a smile but made sure she kept it away, hid it well so that he wouldn’t see it.

He never came back.

Soon was her flight. It was time to check-in.

On two different planes they were, heading to two different destinations across the globe.

They never met.

And never really cared about it.

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