And I’ll be looking for excuses… For you.

Posted: September 14, 2010 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, Memories, Randoms, skills, Weirdness

Each and every one of us, I believe, is divided into two persons/ parts/ mentalities -regardless of the name-  held in one solid body. No, I’m not a Gemini. One is the part we reveal to people, the part we use to interact with our surroundings, the part that comes to life. The only part people get to witness. The other, however, is the one we hide from everyone else and keep it to ourselves. The one that no one but ourselves can see, listen to and understand. That’s the reason behind our other exposed part. That’s the explanation others fail to behold. That’s why people usually go like, “Why did she/he do that?? If only I knew…” And they start jumping into conclusions, skipping an extraordinarily huge bridge of deep explanations. It’s always explanations that we’re looking for, either for ourselves, or for others…

Each and every one of us has got this inner person within ourselves. Some of us might even fail to understand it, might fail to find the “reasons” themselves, and thus their explanations. People talk to me, and as they do, I wonder… What are they thinking as we’re talking? Their eyes, faces and expressions give us clues every now and then, but we’re never certain of their intentions, are we?

We meet different people, live with some, hang out with others, or simply see them for once in a lifetime on a plane, on a train or in a coach. We’re always introduced to their outer crust, just like they’re introduced to ours. First impressions are born, friendships are made, and so are memories. Sometimes we meet people who’re pretty complicated, people with a very complex mentality that even after living with them for quite a long time – if not too long- you still fail to understand the reasons behind their attitudes or weird reactions and remarks! There’s always something behind that, a reason. An excuse! Yes, one that made them do so. There’s a key to their lock, but that we haven’t yet had.

Sometimes their inner-persons are simpler than we expect, far more innocent and decent than their reactions seem to be. Far weaker than they appear to be. Seriously, I think we’re all messed up! The human psychology itself is too complicated! We’ve got two infinite powers: Mind and Will. We only need to devote these into goodness.

I’m surrounded with people, some of which love me, hate me, take me as a friend, a good-friend, a best-friend, hurt me, and a very little understand me. Those are the ones who’ve met the inner me. They’ve found the key to unlock my outer person and enjoy the company of the inner one. Some don’t have the key yet, but they’d decoded the messages the inner-me gives out through my actions. And to those who hate me, to those who hurt me, I’ll be looking for excuses, because I’ve probably failed to understand their inner intentions. Guess they won’t be that bad. There’s always a reason, and this time one that I can’t get my hands on.

So I’ll be justifying your weirdness with excuses of my own until you decide to put up explanations of your own. But then, it’s all up to my inner-side to accept, understand and believe.

  1. Rana says:

    yup, it’s all about these two !

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