Sheer innocence, Sheer independence, Definite happiness!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in careers, communication, Days and dates, delights, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, Love, photography, Randoms

Remember when I first talked about productivity and attaining a solid feeling of independence? Yeah a long time ago…Remember when I first felt a surge of positiveness in myself and wanted to share that weird happiness with the world? Remember the usefulness I longed for just to make myself satisfied with my own being?

Well, this last week, I’ve had all that materialized… and more. I’ve got a job- A Kindergarten assistant !

Yes, very tiring, demanding and challenging especially for a person like me who has no previos history of dealing with babies for so long.

Remember the “Phobia” I mentioned earlier?? I’ve got over that too! I can now deal with them perfectly fine.

The fact that I’m employed offered me the independence I’ve wanted. The fact that I’m not wasting my time doing nothing but rather teaching (actually help teaching) 24 children of ages ranging between 2 to 4 years has given me the usefullness I craved. And the fact that I’m surrounded by beautifully innocent children and doing something I enjoy, something I love, has given me the sheer happiness I’ve solely wanted!

… And the fact that I’ve fullfilled these goals gives me ecstacy!

Remember these previously lost, demeaned potentials? Well, they’re no longer suppressed, they’re devoted into goodness, into positiveness that I can see as the outcome reveals itself on me and everyone around me.

I’ve found something more useful to dedicate my love to, to shower my love on! And the dreams I’ve always had for a better world can now start stepping it’s very first steps into becoming reality. I’ve got 24 children to raise into powerfull individuals and that involves attitude and propper mental foundation.

I’m being attached to these little ones more and more everyday. They’re beautiful in all measures!


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