So much for the last week of September. Too much Goodbyes!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, Family, Love, Randoms

I held him close and hugged him tightly, rigidly, as my hands patted his masculine back. I didn’t cry. My heart only weeped silently. We whispered giggly goodbyes to each other, asked one another to take care, then I lifted my head off his chest. The smell of his CK Euphoria still adorns my smelling.

He then hugged Mum one more time, waved byebye,  gave us that smile that hid so much feelings behind it then left as he faded into the endless queues. I saw her tear. Then smile. Then wipe off the tears before they even roll down her smooth cheeks.

That was a few hours ago before my one and only brother left off. It’s not the first time, but it’s always the same.

Soon I’ll be doing the same. Yeah, soon I’ll be saying goodbye to my beloved Mum and the city that I’ve lived in for almost 17 years now. It breaks my heart!!

I’ve said my goodbyes to my friends, my teachers and my 24 kids – The ones I taught throughout the last week.  Seems like we’ve got to get used to leaving the ones we love behind… Well, they’re always in our hearts. Always!!

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