If you see me cry

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Emotions, evaluation, Family, happiness, Love, Randoms, Story

Yeah, that’s the same person you see with a beaming 12 inch smile everyday. That’s me. You know, I do cry some times too.

Don’t worry, I’m okay! Really.

I guess…

I hope…

If you see me cry, look away. You’re not used to seeing my tears wrap my smile. Yes am smiling… and crying too… I’m weird I know.  You can tell am not happy. Don’t ask me what’s wrong, I would love to give you a very long detailed lectured answer, but I won’t.  I’d rather keep it to myself.

I’d rather have myself crying, than having the two of us miserable…

If you see me cry, then know that it’s something bad. Something sad. Something in me. A part of me is hurt. A part of me failed to express itself.

No? Looking away isn’t an option?  Well, it’s okay. Stay. I want you to stay. But I might ask you to go, so don’t listen to me.  Stay.

Smile, and make me laugh. I’ll wipe off my teared droplets. I’ll sniff. U can make fun of me, I’ll give out a few more giggles.

Hug me. I’ll feel safe. I’ll smile. I’ll get over it, I won’t cry. I know it’ll go away.

Maybe now, maybe later… Maybe never.

And even if you do nothing about it, even if you walk away, it wouldn’t really matter. Because again, I’ll get over it and make it go away…

Maybe now, maybe later… Maybe never.


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