At a distance…

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, Love, Memories, Randoms

She’s gone.

She’s had enough with the too much lies, the too much betrayal, and the too much problems.  She doesn’t want anymore pain. That’s it!

She’s not mean, and you know it.

She’ll keep an eye on you, but from a distance. She’ll watch you live your life, just like always. She’ll always wish you well of hope, the best of luck and pray, with all her heart, with every bit of living emotion in her, for your well-being. She’ll take good care of you, but again , at a distance. the distance you asked for. You went for it, she won’t stop you. But now she’s letting it happen.

She doesn’t hate you, and she never will. She could, but she won’t. She just hates your lying.  She’s always wanted to help, but you’re just not letting her. She’ll only step aside. She can’t handle any more pain. She’s letting you have it the way you want it. She’s letting you go.

She isn’t ready to become a part of a bigger lie herself. She isn’t a game, and never will.

She can’t have something you can’t offer, something you’re not willing to offer…

This is not out of nothing. This is only the outcome of your decisions… Your lies!

And even after all that, seeing you down and in sorrow makes her feel bad. Awfully bad! But it’s not up to her anymore. This is the one and only choice you left her.

She’ll remember… Everything. Forever, and always!

But she’ll be moving on.



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