2010 farewell

Posted: January 1, 2011 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, health, hope, Love, Memories, quotes, Randoms

You made my October crazy with suspense, my November the sweetest, and my December the weirdest yet the happiest: Weirdest, because that’s who you are, your bloody nature, and the happiest because ever since I’d kicked you out of my life, I’ve never been happier! 😀

– A tribute to an asshole xD

Goodbye 2010. I’ve enjoyed every bit of you! I’ve been through a lot, but after all that’s what makes you well worth being remembered. There’s nothing I regret, nothing I’m willing to forget, for I keep looking back at your filmstrip and laugh.

New year resolutions? Yup, got plenty of them! Most revolve around productivity and goodness. Needless to mention, a higher lever of maturity. 31/12 seems just like any other day. Atleast to me.

I never fail to find the bright side of anything and everything. I’m a non-stop smiling puppet and I like it. Happy? Yes I am, happy inside out. And this good-mood is well worth sharing.

May 2011 be the start of whatever goodness and positiveness that is yet to come. May it be the end of all misery and pain. May it bring us all happiness, all peace and security.

Happy New year everybody!

… And the countdown starts….

Love yourself for who you are. Be a better person. And never hold back whatever goodness in you. Fetch it out, and bring it to life, and help everyone all around you to bring out their goodness to life as well.

We live in a beautiful world. Don’t overlook it.

I thank The Lord for everything He’s blessed me with !

  1. a tribute to an asshole 😀 hahahahahaha

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