Her eyes were drawn like magnets to him, running after his presence, following him to where-ever he’d go, looking for his face within the hundreds of faces in the crowd.She knew she could spot him out meters away, and she never failed it.

He smiled, gave her a deep piercing look, and walked away. Mingled with the people. She sat down, bye the edge of the table. Her eyes, still focused on him. She couldn’t help pulling them away. She tried, and everytime she did, she’d find herself gazing back at him… At his significance.

For a moment, she lost track of the world, and him. She drowned into a memory. Memories… She remembered how close they were, how very close to being one person alltogether. By each other’s side, she remembered…She remembered how he’d lay his head on her shoulders, safely placing them where they were sheltered. She remembered how he’d hold her cold hands, grip them and embrace them into his… How he’d hold her close, how he’d sleep by her side feeling as safe as ever, as secure as always… How he’d look into her eyes, so deeply, so truely…So promisingly!

All the places, moments and times where they were together flodded into her brain. All the words he once whispered into her ears echoed. His smell was everywhere… She drew a cranky, saddened smile to her ripe lips. These were beautiful days.

The pause was over, and she had to stop the replay. She was suddenly awakened from that surge of memories. It was now over. Something has changed, and she just doesn’t know what it is. She’s too tired to keep trying to figure it out along with everything else. Something is wrong, and she just can’t fix it on her own!

He’s somewhere inbetween. He looks quite hesitant to her. He’s hesitant, resistant, and so not the same. Something is about to slip out his lips, but he isn’t letting it out.  She just can’t dive into his thinking… And she can’t keep holding on on her own…

Soon, it was all over. Everything! She had to put an end to it, and she did. So bluntly, so sharply. What she feelt on the inside is none of the world’s business, is none of his business anymore. All he deserves to lay his eyes on is her mask of pride, bloody strength and boasting esteem. No second chances are to be given. If she were a game, his game, then she’s a one round game. If she were a game, then it’s game over!

She still falls back into the same frivolous pit of memories… She still remembers… She’s no other choice but to abide to her memory. But eversince then, her heart never ached. Afterall, a lie is never worth being missed, being craved for… being wanted. Is it? One lie could ruin the sweetest things of all, could crumble the highest walls and crash the stiffest worlds, ducking them into the grounds! His lies has made the pretty face of his she was once pleased to look at, now disgust her! A sad case, he became. An irony… An emphathy…

He deserved what he got. And she walking away is one thing she’ll never regret. Let his world crumble, he’ll build it on his own. Let his tragedy cure itself. Let him get over himself. She’s strong enough. She’s strong enough to stay away. She’s better off this way.

  1. Hmmm says:

    So, what should someone do in order to contact you in person!!!

  2. Rana says:

    well, gimme ur email, I’ll add u

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