I turn to You…

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

What I feel is too complicated to be laid down in simple words. What my mind is restrained with in confusion is far too messed up to be presented in a well structured sentence. My words fail me, and I fail myself because for the first time I stand caught up with the emotional turmoil in me to the extend that I can’t talk it out… It’s too much, way too much that I just don’t know what exactly to start with, what exactly to top my list with for every time I try listing them my thoughts flood in my brain, rushing in chaos, and leaving me in both emotional and mental distress.

I’m down to my knees. I look up to the sky, far beyond the concrete ceilings, far beyond whatever barrier that lays upon me, and find myself saying nothing but “Ya Rab!”. I try to fetch a few more words, I try to structure a prayer, but I only find myself saying it over and over again: “Ya Rab… Ya Rab!!”.

Ya Rab…

Shower your mercy on our Egypt… Protect it from whatever damage that destiny beholds, that lays ahead and before us! Ya Rab, save our Egyptians out there, shower your mercy and guidance on them so that they end up doing what’s right.

Ya Rab…

The youth of Egypt,  they turn to you! The poor, the rich, the elderly and the young… Everyone, they all need you! I turn to you… My mind is distracted, I’M distracted! I’m lost between the fading edge almost separating what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m lost… Not knowing on which side I stand… on which side SHOULD I stand… The more the facts unveil themselves, the more I’m left confuzzled!

One thing is crystal clear, I’m on Egypt’s side, just like the millions out there. I’m for whatever is best for  our Egypt. Our one and only Egypt….

Ya Rab, May this crisis end soon…

  1. Reem Marei says:

    I hope this all ends well !!!! YA RAB 3ASHAN ANA T3EBT W ZH2T!! r u in Jeddah now?

  2. Rana says:

    Me too!! Begad 7aram elly beye7sal!
    yup, I’m bak 🙂 miss u xx

  3. Rana says:

    Thankyou! 😀

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